Tuesday, March 6, 2007

February Wanderings......

"A rail is born."
This piece of art, capturing Rich Harbour performing his art, was taken by Ron Woolhether...Ron is always catching the spirit of all things surfing, and does fantastic work. His website is on the right, as well as HERE.

The t-shirts are in the mail for some and other's are picking them up as I type. HOS is at over 40 members and growing, with new events in the works.

There's a new board in town...and it looks Awesome!!!! Can't wait to buy this one.

TDRevolver (me) spent some of February surfing Maui.

I covered the island, surfing Honolua Bay at about chest high, and finding a little barrel on my rented mass produced 9'0 with flex-fin, and then watched several days later as guys ripped it up in overhead barreling conditions, it was fantastic. I might of attempted to join them if I had my Hp-1 with me, my next trip I'll definitely be bringing my Harbour.

From above, standing on the cliffs next to a sugarcane field, I watched as guys dialed in barrel after barrel, and during the breaks in the swell, the clear coral filled bay to the East was spectacular.

The day I surfed there, not only did I have clean fun conditions, a plethora of fish to watch, and several turtles to keep me company, I also was treated to a show from a Humpback Whale who began to breach not far from shore. The megaton creature launched itself into the air several times, to cheers from the line-ups.

There was one wave where I was glad I wasn't riding my Harbour; while trying to repeat an earlier mini-tube, I stepped toward the nose, tucked down into the curl, and my nose dove under; and to my wallets demise, I rammed into some nice sharp rock, adding $50 to my rental fee. I must say, a fiberglass board would have probably been sucking water, but this plastic piece just lost paint. So they are good for something.

I also surfed East of Lahaina, a small clean day with a couple of locals before the masses woke up and crowded the spot around 11 a.m. Surfing with shorts only was a blast, and even the smallest wave curled through with perfection, but once again, gliding along clean, clear perfection would of been oh so much sweeter on the San O.

Another fun but small spot was Kihei Bay, a great summer spot, but occasionally catches the swell in winter. It was crowded, but really fun, and once again, whether the wave was 2-3 or the occasional 4-5, it was perfect. Of course, they did tell me, the day before I arrived it was stand up barrels, I guess I should of been there yesterday.

I did hit the North Shore on a stormy day, with only one nice sized, mush wave to speak of, but it was fun.

And an outlaw session with some locals at the closed down old-school wood sk8 park in Kihei was real fun.

Back on the mainland, Nick finally got his new board, and it blew past all his expectations, it's a real beauty.

Oh yeah, and Boardhound continues to bring glory to his name, putting, I think, 3 more boards into his quiver.

Remember guys, send me your updates if anything exciting is going on, sorry no original pics, I was on my own surfing the whole time, and never took any.