Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Cheer, with surf inspired art...

Above and below, two of the pieces of artwork to be found at this website, Joemotion.

And surf art in another form, an ode from Larry, one of four to be found on the Harbour Surf Talk Message Boards.

San Onofre

When you start there

Those waves stay with you

All your days

You'll never be as afraid

As you should be

Of something about to break

As sometimes at Sano

It doesn't break

Not outside and not

A hundred yards more

Toward the shore.

Waves elsewhere break

Hard upon the sand

Or the rocks or scrape you

Along the coral

The length of the reef.

A San Onofre wave

Turns a kid into

An optimist

Take one ten feet tall

It'll never roar or send you

Onto the round smooth

Rocks on the seabed

From Dogpatch to The Point.

At Old Man's you can ride

Those combers all day

They'll never kill you

It's just that at low tide

You'll have to walk atop

Those rocks, the most pain

You'll ever have at San Onofre

Named after a saint

Who lived sixty years in the desert

Whose miracles remain mysterious

As the way you move on a wave.

And finally, a very cool, short video of the Harbour experience, by Mark Moore.

I hope all is well and nobody is sick from surfing in run-off the last couple of weeks, the Holidays are here faster than ever it seems; I'm ready to catch a few in between my son's soccer season and my daughter's softball season.

I hope to see you on the waves.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!