Saturday, August 22, 2009

Customer Appreciation month continues...

It's always a good time to stop by the Harbour Retail shop in Seal Beach. But it's even better when Burt joins forces with Quicksilver, O'neil, and Honolua to show his appreciation of his customers with a great sale.

The final week of sale prices (make sure to stop in this week) kicked off with great food (excellent potato salad Todd) and good company.

I'd say the highlight of the event was the toss game set up out back, where kids were held to three tosses in order to win an O'neil hat, but Harbour regulars took 20-30 tries for theirs.

And of course, it's all fun and games till Burt decides to go after Boardhound with the beanbags, and all out war ensued...Trace smartly laughed and stayed out of the battle.

John takes advantage of the great service and prices.

Todd seemed to find a way to get into most shots...can you find Todd?

Fun times!

See you on the waves!