Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Harbour Day #7, November 7th, Bolsa Chica Tower #20

Group photo, Harbour Day #6

Hello all, there's been some fun waves lately, and my back injuries are finally healing up to enjoy them, THANK GOD! Fun times at San O on a quite Monday.

Couple of quick notes:

*Stay tuned in the coming months for a new product from Harbour Surf Boards, and it's not a surfboard, but something all Harbour fans and history buffs will be sure to want.

*Time is ticking to get your Limited Edition 50th Anniversary board, I believe orders will be taken till Dec. 31, but check with shop.

*Order shirts now, deadline Oct. 1st for Harbour Day shirt. todd1218@verizon.net

Now to the Harbour Day;

For those that are new to the Harbour Family, or just investigating what's so great about the Harbour brand, one of the staple events of the year is coming up, the Annual Harbour Day.

Harbour Day started several years ago, when a few of the guys who post on the Harbour Message boards decided to get together for a surf. Click this link for last years pics and OC Register write-up.

Here's the info:

*November 6th, casual gathering at Woodys in Seal Beach, 7:15 pm, hit the shop, then stop on by for a beer and grub.
*November 7th, Tower 20 (South of entrance, 1st parking lot North of RV camping).
*Dawn till Whenever.
*Group photo of Harbour Owners and boards at 10 am.
*Raffle at 11:30 range--after lunch.

Harbour Day is for everyone, young and old, Harbour Owners, non-Harbour Owners, non-surfers, anybody who enjoys a good time with a positive attitude is welcome.

There will be a good supply of:

*Prizes (buy a raffle ticket for that, and must be present to win, email Boardhound, or stop by the shop.)...


and fun...

We hope to see you there, if you are a new Harbour Owner, or looking into it, you can comment here, or email Todd for questions about, Harbour Owner Society.