Friday, April 25, 2008

First annual Photo Contest! WINNERS!

First, my favorite picture, even though it was not in the contest...Rich filling out my order form for my first custom ordered Harbour...I've bought new and used, but to sit with Rich, discuss the shape, and spend time with him and his knowledge, priceless. I'm looking forward to posting the shaping pictures and the finished board.

Thanks Rich!

Now to the contest.

Lots of votes for all the pictures, here are the four with the most, so I'm calling it a tie in both divisions...thanks for the artwork, and thanks for the votes times! We'll do it again. Boardhound has a little something for the winners.

Stay tuned, for a fun little write-up and pics Monday, from the Florida Harbour Day, and then in a week or two, some photos from the H.O.S. San O weekend.


#1 Great photo, what we dream of as we head to the beach.

#6 As one voter said, it's why we go to the beach on knee high days!

#7 Great art, great surf shot!

#13 Artistic? Entertaining? did tie for most votes...why, because we love the Boardhound!

The other vote getters.....