Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Cheer, with surf inspired art...

Above and below, two of the pieces of artwork to be found at this website, Joemotion.

And surf art in another form, an ode from Larry, one of four to be found on the Harbour Surf Talk Message Boards.

San Onofre

When you start there

Those waves stay with you

All your days

You'll never be as afraid

As you should be

Of something about to break

As sometimes at Sano

It doesn't break

Not outside and not

A hundred yards more

Toward the shore.

Waves elsewhere break

Hard upon the sand

Or the rocks or scrape you

Along the coral

The length of the reef.

A San Onofre wave

Turns a kid into

An optimist

Take one ten feet tall

It'll never roar or send you

Onto the round smooth

Rocks on the seabed

From Dogpatch to The Point.

At Old Man's you can ride

Those combers all day

They'll never kill you

It's just that at low tide

You'll have to walk atop

Those rocks, the most pain

You'll ever have at San Onofre

Named after a saint

Who lived sixty years in the desert

Whose miracles remain mysterious

As the way you move on a wave.

And finally, a very cool, short video of the Harbour experience, by Mark Moore.

I hope all is well and nobody is sick from surfing in run-off the last couple of weeks, the Holidays are here faster than ever it seems; I'm ready to catch a few in between my son's soccer season and my daughter's softball season.

I hope to see you on the waves.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

More pics from Harbour week...

The photos keep rolling in from the great times of Harbour week, at least it was Harbour week for a few.

Here's a link to Ron's photo's from the day, some of which are on the "Harbour Day" preceding this one.

He really out did himself this time, contact him for purchases...incredible work Ron!

Here's Mark, soon to be a new board on that sweet ride.

Rich with cake.

California...still got a few good things going for her.

Happy proud papa, Tim on the maiden voyage of his Limited Edition.

The new shape, logo and name of the newest Board in the Harbour line was a hot topic of the weekend, here it is, sure to be a magic board, "The Merlin".

Enjoy the day!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Harbour Day, Best yet!

Well it all came together for this Harbour Day.

As we all know, once Todd (Boardhound) took over organizing the event a couple years ago, the gathering keeps getting better and better. First he brought on t-shirts, then catered food from Jeff and his family, then the raffle was born. Every year, Todd strives (works his butt off) to make the event more enjoyably and memorable for all. And this year was no exception.

It all started off Friday night at Woodies in Seal Beach, where a large crowd gathered to watch Rich's vintage surf footage and enjoy food, drink and companionship.

But Todd had planned a little something extra this Harbour Day's eve and soon John (srf4life), was presenting Rich with two bottles of Red Wine, engraved with the 5oth anniversary logo (no labels, so pretty sure 2 buck chuck, but oh well) and two very nicely engraved wine glasses. A cake was also presented which added a 50th Anniversary sweetness to this event.

After the masses left, a few of the die hards made their way over to Henneseys for one more pint to store up the carbs for the next day's surf.

Dawn found the coffee shops bustling with Harbour Owners excitedly making their way to Tower 20 in Bolsa Chica State beach, I pulled in around 6:15 in the Falcon, to an already filling parking lot and the roar of what promised to be a pounding but fun morning of surf.

Few Harbour Owners waited for one another as one by one, board and rider hit the water.

It was a namesake "Bolsa-Bitch" day, where rides would be fast and fierce, crashes many and brutal paddle outs the norm--which always makes for great pictures!

After an epic morning of barrels and wipe outs, we all headed to the canopies for the traditional group picture (see first photo) and some great food.

This years sojourner from afar was Tim Sale, who came over from England with his wife Pippa in order to meet fellow Harbour Owners, shake Rich's hand, and pick up the beauty of a board (a 40th anniversary) shown above. Tim also got the unexpected experience of surfing this board finless, when unbeknownst to him, the fin had popped out and he took off on his last wave without it...squirly but fun times for him. Rich was nice enough to replace the fin, so all ended well.

Now, ever since Jeff Stauffer and his giving family started preparing the meal for Harbour Day, it's been mouth watering fantastic. But it was taking it's toll on them and we all wanted Jeff out in the waves with us before 3 o'clock this year. So even though he'd been happy to do it Todd made the call to give Jeff and his family a hard earned break from catering duties. I was sure we'd be dissapointed with whatever food replaced it but Todd brought in an upstart catering company which knocked it out of the park with Hawaian barbequed chicken, steak, rice...

I can still taste that chicken.

So with mouths watering in bliss we gathered around, caught up with old friends, ran our hands down rails and told tales of the surf.

Surfer and Shaper together; Terry Simms and Rich Harbour

After the stomachs settled a bit, and the last raffle tickets were sold, it was time to give away some prizes.

Rich's renewed health thanks to succesful (and one of many) neck surgeries was apparent as he easily handled the ticket calling duties for the raffle, calling names and giving hugs (well, the girls anyway) to the winners.

Here he is with the big winner, Mark (woodnsea), who was all smiles after winning the big prize of a Harbour surfboard. Soon after this photo, he made the quickest exit I've seen, "Where ya' heading?", I asked. "To the shop!" And he was gone.

After clean-up, the crowds slowly made their way onto other Saturday doings, but a few of us went out again, and enjoyed the afternoon waves that continued to roll in.

As the afternoon waned, a tired and injured Todd settled back with a few of us in the Falcon and enjoyed a cold one, "I think this was the best one yet."

I agree.


All photos labeled Awe F'shore courtesy of Ron Woolhether, contact him for purchase of prints.

For a killer slide show, with many more photos of the day, go to JB's website, Harbour Slide Show it's definitely worth checking out, support JB by ordering some photos!

Here's a write-up from Laylan (photo above), a soon to be Harbour Owner (I'll be checking next year Laylan) at the Orange County Register.

Here's the slideshow from that page: http://www.orangecounty.com/sections/article/gallery/?pic=22&id=1982

As the pictures roll in, I'll post links and and more photos as additional posts, but I wanted a summary of the day up asap. Hopefully, we'll have Lia's photo's including their Rincon post Harbour Day voyage to view shortly.

Keep the Stoke, hope to see you all on the waves.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Harbour Day #7, November 7th, Bolsa Chica Tower #20

Group photo, Harbour Day #6

Hello all, there's been some fun waves lately, and my back injuries are finally healing up to enjoy them, THANK GOD! Fun times at San O on a quite Monday.

Couple of quick notes:

*Stay tuned in the coming months for a new product from Harbour Surf Boards, and it's not a surfboard, but something all Harbour fans and history buffs will be sure to want.

*Time is ticking to get your Limited Edition 50th Anniversary board, I believe orders will be taken till Dec. 31, but check with shop.

*Order shirts now, deadline Oct. 1st for Harbour Day shirt. todd1218@verizon.net

Now to the Harbour Day;

For those that are new to the Harbour Family, or just investigating what's so great about the Harbour brand, one of the staple events of the year is coming up, the Annual Harbour Day.

Harbour Day started several years ago, when a few of the guys who post on the Harbour Message boards decided to get together for a surf. Click this link for last years pics and OC Register write-up.

Here's the info:

*November 6th, casual gathering at Woodys in Seal Beach, 7:15 pm, hit the shop, then stop on by for a beer and grub.
*November 7th, Tower 20 (South of entrance, 1st parking lot North of RV camping).
*Dawn till Whenever.
*Group photo of Harbour Owners and boards at 10 am.
*Raffle at 11:30 range--after lunch.

Harbour Day is for everyone, young and old, Harbour Owners, non-Harbour Owners, non-surfers, anybody who enjoys a good time with a positive attitude is welcome.

There will be a good supply of:

*Prizes (buy a raffle ticket for that, and must be present to win, email Boardhound, or stop by the shop.)...


and fun...

We hope to see you there, if you are a new Harbour Owner, or looking into it, you can comment here, or email Todd for questions about, Harbour Owner Society.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Customer Appreciation month continues...

It's always a good time to stop by the Harbour Retail shop in Seal Beach. But it's even better when Burt joins forces with Quicksilver, O'neil, and Honolua to show his appreciation of his customers with a great sale.

The final week of sale prices (make sure to stop in this week) kicked off with great food (excellent potato salad Todd) and good company.

I'd say the highlight of the event was the toss game set up out back, where kids were held to three tosses in order to win an O'neil hat, but Harbour regulars took 20-30 tries for theirs.

And of course, it's all fun and games till Burt decides to go after Boardhound with the beanbags, and all out war ensued...Trace smartly laughed and stayed out of the battle.

John takes advantage of the great service and prices.

Todd seemed to find a way to get into most shots...can you find Todd?

Fun times!

See you on the waves!