Sunday, December 30, 2007

New year...New Board!

The excitement is high as the new "Nose Rider" (official name?) gets tested out, here are a few pictures. Looks awesome.

Check down the right side of blog, I'm trying out some video footage from Youtube, should be surf...and also a video link area for our own video footage.

2008 is looking to be a fun one...HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

From all Harbour Owner Society members!!!

May you catch many waves!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Harbour Day--2007...Giving Thanks

Pictures by Rich Harbour and Lia Johnson.

Write-up by Trevor Downs (TDRevolver)

Well, we're on the eve of Thanksgiving, and I have much to be thankful for, and as I go through the pictures to update our BLOG, I'm very thankful for those who come together on our annual Harbour Day.

This year's event was special, and unlike the years before, kicked off a week before with the arrival of Craig from Australia. What a blessing to meet someone with a stoke to surf, and to give.

Craig's trip was off to a great start, when after being shuttled by Todd from the airport, he checked into the famed Sanatra Inn, and soon had a new Quatro in his quiver. He was the first of many Harbour owners to stay there that week, and soon after his arrival, he met up with a Taxi driver, who offered to escort him about Orange County as his personal driver.

Craig spent the week shopping for his family, surfing Anderson Street, and enjoying the sites, leading up to a couple of fun surf days with Boardhound at Cardiff, and then with Boardhound, Bobby J, and Doug up North.

The boys showed Craig the breaks of Leo Carillo...

and County Line.

Friday, Craig was joined by James, who once again made the trip from Florida, for Harbour weekend.

At San O, Craig, Bobby J, and Todd were joined by myself, Nick, Mark, Ry, Richard, and his son Steven, (as well as a few others). Lia, was once again, there to capture the fun.

Do you remember when? The stoke begins, as Steven enjoys his first San O wave.

Mark, Bobby J. and ???




After a fun day at San O, we all made our way to Sanatra Inn, checking in before the night's events.

Taco Surf was raging after quick check ins at Sanatra, and the band was finally enjoyable, and not too loud. Fish Tacos and beers went down smooth before we moved the festivities over to the shop for some great classic film footage from the 60's.

Rich hosted, the guys from the shop graciously served some snacks, and Rich answered questions about his classic film footage and surfboard design, then spun a tale or two before being honored by the H.O.S. with a photo, by Ron, that Todd had etched into marble.

A few of us finished up the night with some Belgium ale at the pub across the street from the shop, and for some reason the waves in the surf stories got bigger as the night wore on.

The morning would prove to be the best conditions yet for a Harbour Day. Clear skies, and chest to head high waves, made for a fantastic morning.

Lisa looks down upon the maniacal smile of her husband, wondering, once again, if it's a good thing to be married to a guy who wants to serve the world?

Good job buddy, another great event!

Boardhound (Todd)

Steve--ilparadosso, showing how it's done.





Bobby J. on Nadine

TDRevolver (me)








Jeff and his family, for the second year in a row, served up some tasty South of the border treats, they have really stepped up the last two events, and as a family, really made the event a treat.

Job well done, a new board won, Lia powers down.

Todd, myself, and a very special guest raffled off a plethora of prizes, and it was a great ending to the event.

Once again, another fantastic day, and for me, I give thanks to where all thanks are due, to God for a wonderful day with wonderful people.

Thank you Rich, Thank you all! Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, October 15, 2007

SACRED CRAFT - Consumer Surfboard Expo - 10/13 & 14

Some pics Rich posted on the Harbour Site, sounds like a great event, I'm sorry I missed it.

From Bobby J,
"There was a great representation of all types of surfboard stuff (I really liked the new laminate techniques using photo scans), and discussion sessions (the "Don't call me skeg" talk was pretty informative since I'm usually a single fin guy).
As for the booth I really liked the video monitor Rich set up showing photos of people riding his gear (I especially like the one in the middle), or film clips from both the early years and present day. It was more fun when the "seasoned veterans" stopped by and watched the old footage and started to talk story."

Count down to Annual Harbour Day continues...see below.