Friday, September 26, 2008

Longest Wave for Marc, 10ft to win, new board for TD!

Here's Marc on the H3, dragging the hand....

Check out Marc here, going for longest ride...

Great ride Marc, I was thinking of heading to Malibu for my maiden voyage, but seeing that kid swarming you like a Bee is giving me second thoughts. :)

I've had one of the great weeks in my life as a surfer, and I haven't even surfed yet. I just can't quit finding excuses to go into the garage to run the hands over the egg rails.

As seen in an earlier post, it was a pleasure to sit with Rich and talk out my custom Harbour several weeks ago. But seeing the beauty for the first time, just unbelievable.

The board really is a piece of art, worthy of a place on the wall.

Being a teacher, father of four, and coach; I've had time to appreciate the board in its pristine form, as art. But, the time is near, where I can appreciate if for its true value, a perfectly crafted wave riding vessel...CAN'T WAIT!

Thanks, Robert, for picking and placing the fin for me, and for talking me through the early visions of this board.

For those interested:

It's 9'10
Rapier Outline
Egg rails
Subtle blended nose concave
3 3/16
Lower rocker than normal Rapier

Don't forget, Harbour Day coming up, get your raffle tickets, NEW 10 ft BOARD TO BE WON!!!!!!!!

From BoardHound:

Hello all, Here is an update on the "Raffle" I will have a New 10' Harbour for the Raffle. If you win the board you will be able to pick it up at the shop. If the board needs to be shipped because you missed the Event I will have it boxed but yo will be responsible for the Shipping and Insurance cost. If you decide you want Choose a different board you can exchange it for a board of equal or lesser value (No Cash refund) or if you want to order a custom or exchange for a board of greater value you pay the difference. Again I will promise you a New board
in the Raffle.


Note: I am also buying tickets so I have the same shot as all of you at winning the board.

Monday, September 15, 2008

H-3 and Jeff in action

The "secret spot" where Harbour Owners often surf was in Fall form this weekend. The winds stayed calm, and the swell was big enough to overcome the tide, plenty of very nice peaks with the occasional larger set making it exciting.

Local surfer and pro photographer, Jim Boswell (of JB Photography) has been on hand of recent, and he caught Jeff on the best sequence of the day.

Many other Harbour regulars have some great shots to view at
Once on the site, click gallery, then find a day you were surfing, you just might find a photo yourself.

Thanks Jim, for giving me the pictures to post.

Nice work Jeff, Great ride! Def. shows what the H-3 can do!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

September is here...

A classic photo circa 1965, of Harbour Surfboard owner and Surf Talk regular, Screwfoot49.

I'm back...I had a great trip, but I missed the waves and my Harbour surfboards.

I hope you all had a great summer, I've been cramming in as much surf as possible, surfing Camp Pendelton for the first time, San O with Brother John, and a Bolsa Session or two. It's great to be back in the water with my fellow Harbour Owners.

Although I'm loving the warmer waters (most the time) it's time for Fall Off-Shore glass with hopefully some nice swells and dwindling crowds, and I'm excited.

I'm also pumped about the new Harbour Web site, make sure to schedule some time to check it out.

New Blog site, new photo's for boards, and many more new additions make the site a real gem, matching the quality of the Harbour Name.

As always, the New Arrivals are a first stop for me.

And the Surf Talk usually has a nice picture or two...

I especially like the newest post on the new Blog, featuring some old-school Harbour skateboards.
Harbour Surfboards

It was something special, my first Saturday back, some nice waves at 23, then over to Nicks for a burrito, followed by browsing through the new boards on the rack. Some great new Nose-Riders in there.

It's always a stoke filled experience stopping by the shop.

Keep the stoke, I'm hoping to have a new Harbour in my line-up before Nov. 8th Harbour day, so you know that will be worthy of a post with plenty of pictures.

Nice work JDuck.

Harbour Day coming soon, check side panel, or here's the word from Boardhound:

Hello all, We are gearing up for the annual Harbour Surf Day, Please let me know if you want shirts the shirts will be ordered
on Sept 20, 2008. If you are attending the east coast event Please let me know so I can get your shirts either to you or to
james for hand out on the day of the event.

West coast event will be held at Bolsa Chica state beach, Tower 20 (lot just north of campground)
We will start meeting at 6:00 am on Nov 8 2008 .
If you need a room the Sintra Inn in sunset has offerd us a 10% discount on rooms Sanatra Inn
(go to reservations fill out the info and in the comments box put "Harbour Surf Day 10% discount)

Schedule of events
Friday Nov 7th (To be announced)
Saturday Nov 8th- 6:00 am Set-up, meet, Gab & Surf
10:00am Surf Day Photo
10:30 to 1:00 Grub, Gab & mingle
1:00 Raffle
2:00 Surf or gab

T-Sirts 20.00 each (Artwork Attached)
Raffle tickes 1.00 each (You do not need to be present to win) Name & Phone # required