Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fun times in August for Harbour Owners!

August Events
By John (Srf4life)

Harbour Owners’ Society members were busy this August, despite the small-ish surf that we had. In addition to our regular Saturday HOS crew at Bolsa Tower 23, we enjoyed a Thursday afternoon cookout at San-O organized by Melissa Harbour on Aug 9, and the premier of a new surf movie, “Faces of Honolua,” two days later, featuring a special guest commentary by Rich Harbour, held at the Surf Heritage Foundation in San Clemente.

The San-O Harbour cookout took place on a warm, sunny summer day with a 2-4 foot peaky swell and semi-clean conditions.

Harbour team rider Tony Bell and Harbour shop owner Robert both showed they have skills in the water. Those of us who have seen Robert almost always ride a shortboard or fish were surprised at how good he is on a longboard.

He put on a display of classic drop-knee turns and effortless cross-stepping particularly suited to the wave at Old Man’s. We hope to see him on his longboard at Bolsa from time to time.

After our surf session, we all retired to the tables under the shady bamboo grove near Old Man’s and had a barbecue in laid back Aloha style. At the end of the day we all agreed it was a classic San-O day.

The premier of “Faces of Honolua” was a real treat. For many of us it was our first time visiting the Surf Heritage Foundation in San Clemente. In addition to their film series, the foundation boasts what has to be one of the finest collections of surfboards and surf history in the world. There are hundreds of rare and classic boards on display, dating back to the turn of the (20th) century, lots of cool photos and artwork, and in one corner a replica of Dale Velzy’s shaping room that includes his original tools. It is a real surfing history lesson, and definitely worth visiting.

The film itself was a montage of surf footage from the last 40 years at Honolua Bay. Since Rich Harbour was one of the first, if not the first surf photographer to film the classic Maui pointbreak, much of his rare early film of the bay was used in the movie. It was great to hear Rich, along with Herbie Fletcher, reminisce about the early days at Honolua Bay. It was a special evening and a wonderful opportunity to see Rich receive some recognition from the Surf Heritage Foundation for his pioneering board building and surf photography.