Monday, August 17, 2009

You should of been here yesterday...

Or at least a couple of weeks ago. I've heard that quite a bit since I've been back from my road trip through Oregon and the North West. I had a blast Saturday morning, and I'm still sore after a month out of the water, but I keep hearing about that swell...hopefully more to come.

I also missed out on two great opportunities at the shop to get some great gear at great prices. Robert is marking items down left and right for Harbour Owner Society members...I'm hoping to get some pics of the last two events and I plan on taking pics myself this Saturday at the next one.


Hope to see you there, here's the information.


Hello all, we are starting Customer Appreciation week #4 featuring O'Neill, we will Have some grub and drinks. Stop by and get some killer deals on O'Neill Products. Stop out back and say hello, grab some grub and have a good ole time.

O'neill: August 22nd-28th, Saturday the 22nd- Free gift w/purchase,
food, and fun.

Honolua: August 15th-21st, Saturday the 15th-Free gift w/purchase, food,
and fun.