Tuesday, November 14, 2006

November--Harbour Surf Day, 2006

Pictures by Lia, Sumdumsurfer, and Dennisthe12c....thanks.

Sometimes things just work.
No matter how much you plan, how hard you try, sometimes the best laid plans do not yield the fruit that was envisioned...but other times, the result is beyond expectations.

The fourth Harbour Day was one such event.

Waves, weather and stoke all joined together harmoniously to create the best Harbour day yet.

Rich enjoys the day, going against doctor's orders to support the event...Thanks Rich.

Bobby J performs a nice carve in his ride dedicated to Dinkum.

TDRevolver becomes a shock absorber to survive the chop.

Now that's the way to turn an 11 footer....go Nadine!

Boardhound finds it windy but fun after serving the crowd all day.

A special treat for the day, a plethora of classic Harbours; included in this fantastic collection, reportedly, was a board shaped in Rich's garage. Thanks for bringing them out!

Jeff's daughter, Jackie grooms the next crop of Harbour surfers.

Boardhound holds down the tent as Jeff and his wonderful family serve up some great food.

Wow...that was fun!


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Boardhound said...
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