Monday, December 4, 2006


Welcome to the Harbour Owner's Society Blog.

This is an introductory post, please scroll down to November posts to see examples of what you might find in the coming months with our monthly blog updates.

Please note the,"Side-Bar" for links, membership rules, past posts, and other information. For this introductory post, we'll recap some of the sidebar information here.

After the great time we all had at the Harbour, 2006 surf day (see post below for pictures), a few Harbour Owners began to ponder the existence of a Harbour Owner's Society. Some of us have the stickers and some may still wear the shirts of the once casual but existing society. Todd (Boardhound), Bobby J., John, and a few others thought it would be a great idea to start it again. Bert said he didn't have a problem with it, and away we went.

How do you become a member.
1. Own a Harbour Surfboard.
2. Let Bert or Boardhound know. Boardhound's email address is,
Just send him your info, letting him know you want to join.

Why we exist.
1. To offer Harbour owners a chance to meet like minded people.
2. To share surf, stories and the stoke
3. To offer a non-competitive environment for surfers of all levels
4. To set a positive example as Surfers in and out of the water.

This is a Society of surfers for surfers.

It is an optional club, with no obligation of Harbour owners to join, but anyone who owns a Harbour Surfboard is invited to join. It is a voluntary club, with non-competitive events.

Participation in any and all events is optional. Purchasing Harbour Society Gear, including ID card, is optional, but you will need an ID card for non-Harbour store discounts, such as at Woody's Restaurant.

Some of the things we have in mind in the upcoming years are shirts and jackets (with funds going toward a Owner Society fund), pot lucks, surf days, movie nights and various social events...Please do not hold us to any of these things, as in all clubs, we will evolve as time goes. If you expect nothing from this club other than good friends, you won't be disappointed.

Although we have the blessings of Bert (Seal beach shop owner) and Rich Harbour, they in no way are responsible or are they the sponsors of this club, and we do not speak for them. All opinions, musings and ramblings of the Harbour Owner's Society Blog are in no way to be construed as coming from Harbour Surfboards as an organization.

We hope to enjoy many years of great surf and stoke with you all.


The Harbour Owner's Society.

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