Thursday, February 21, 2008

H.O.S. Weekend coming up!

Thank you, Lia Johnson, for the beautiful photo

Harbour Owner Society members, fun times ahead the weekend of March 1st. at San O.

Todd (Boardhound) will be there with the Big White Rig, Saturday, and Sunday, from Dawn till ???

Look for it, hopefully, at the nearest Grass Canopy to "Four Doors."

I know some of us our going to be cooking out, Saturday afternoon, so bring some grub, and a grill if you have one.

Can't wait...maybe somebody will be lucky enough to be riding the new...

See you all there, bring the family, they are part of the Harbour Owner Society!

Don't forget to check with Todd, about extra H.O.S. gear and/or I.D.'s for discounts, it would be a great time to grab something.


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