Thursday, September 16, 2010

 IT'S HERE!!!!  Harbour Day is coming soon.  November 13th...NEW LOCATION!  We're still having it at Bolsa Chica (Tin Can Beach) but we're moving down to tower 23 for better parking.  

As usual, great food, raffle prizes, surf, fun, and hang time.  Dawn patrol till whenever.  Be there around 10 a.m.  and out of the water if you want to get in the famous group shot (as seen across the web and even on the front page of the OC register in years past).

Scroll through this blog if you want history, or pics from past events.  The side bar has links.

You can buy raffle tickets from Todd or the shop in Seal Beach.  You must be present to win!  Raffle will be around lunch time.  More details to come as they roll in, we usually meet up somewhere Friday night as well, either in Sunset or Seal Beach area.  I'll post something on that as the event nears.

Can't Wait!

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