Sunday, February 14, 2010

Harbour Chronicles opening night!

WOW!  What a turnout.

The show can only be described as a huge success.  There was barely room to walk as 50 years of Surf and Harbour History walked the room.  Photographers were clicking away, future surfers chased about the throngs and legends shared handshakes and hugs with current Harbour Team Riders.

As far as the food, amazing.  I can't tell you what any of the intricately designed appetizers were, but they were all mouth watering.  I happened to be tailing Rich in hopes of a picture for the blog, as he kept growling back, "Let me get some food."

As we walked into empty tables with only Starbucks coffee left, he asked what happened.

The Head Caterer shrugged her shoulders and said, "We're used to serving artist types, they nibble away and the amount we brought lasts the entire show...we're not used to serving surfers."

I had to laugh, I think my plate was piled slightly high.  Sorry Rich and Burt.

Anyway, my daughter had a blast and enjoyed the friendliness of the Harbour Crowd.

It's great to be part of History!  What a show.
Congratulations Rich!

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