Thursday, March 11, 2010

Two events coming up, Book Signing and Board Swap!

I can smell it in the air; warm weather, long board waves and late evening sunsets...SUMMER!
But we may have some rainy days before then so before we all hit the Board Swap to trade our boards, we'll need something to get through those rainy dawn patrols.  "The Harbour Chronicles Book" should do nicely.
*The book signing will be Thursday, April 8th.  5-8 p.m. Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion at Orange Coast College. 2701 Fairview Road Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Same place as the killer art exhibit, see last blog posts for details on that.

For shop info: 

*The Annual board swap will be on Saturday, April 17th.  9am-3pm.  Check with the shop to book a space if you want to pass on a board to some happy new owner.
The Board Swap is always a great time of socializing, board viewing and hopefully finding that gem you've always wanted.

It all happens behind the Harbour Surfboards Shop in Seal Beach, the longest running surf shop in the world!

Hope to see you all at the upcoming events! 


Wave Glider said...


What about those of us who don't live in So Cal but would like to have a signed edition of the book? Will we be able to purchase one and have it signed and sent to us?

Thanks, Gary H

TDRevolver said...

Great question, I just received the dates from Todd with no further information, I'm sure that will be out soon...I'll post an update as I get the info.